Grafton – In a short video posted to social media, the Republican Party of Wisconsin attacked business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl for expressing his belief that every American deserves access to quality, affordable health insurance.
Glenn Grothman has been one of the leading proponents of destructive changes that would increase costs and take away healthcare coverage from 6th District workers and families. Earlier this year, he provided the decisive vote needed to advance Trumpcare in the House. He spent the summer chiding Senate Republicans for failing to pass healthcare legislation that would have weakened pre-existing condition protections and raised costs for older Americans. And over the last week he has remained silent as Donald Trump announced efforts to sabotage the healthcare system by taking steps that drive up costs and reduce the number of insured.
While Glenn Grothman has been attacking American healthcare, Dan Kohl has advocated for both sides to come together to strengthen our healthcare  system. There a number of steps that can be taken right now to address the very real challenges faced by American families. For example, Dan Kohl supports allowing individuals 55 years old and up to buy-into the Medicare program, a widely supported proposal that would allow older Americans better access to the care they need. Dan also supports Medicare and Medicaid having  the ability to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.
“Dan Kohl believes in addressing real issues of access and affordability in our healthcare system.” said campaign manager Rick Coelho. “Glenn Grothman has spent the better part of the year promoting damaging changes that would lead to higher costs, less access, and more uninsured families right here at home. We welcome this debate.”
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