Grafton- Desperate for a political win and reflecting the demands of their special interest backers, Glenn Grothman and his DC pals just voted to add $1.5 trillion dollars to the debt so that the wealthiest Americans can get large tax handouts while middle-class families face tax hikes. To achieve these tax giveaways, Glenn Grothman and House Republicans broke Donald Trump’s promise, voting for deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid while also slashing funding for programs such as Pell Grants and cancer research.

This budget resolution represents the worst impulses of Glenn Grothman and his Republican colleagues as they further destroy critical, middle-class supporting programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Under Republican control, the House has consistently failed to solve the problems faced by American families. In the pursuit of his partisan zeal, Glenn Grothman represents a significant part of this problem.

Dan Kohl will fight everyday to make sure that middle-class families won’t pay more in taxes, and that they have the economic opportunities that lead to higher wages and greater security. This budget fails on all counts.

“Glenn Grothman just delivered a gut-punch to middle class families. Voting to gut Medicare and Medicaid and slash Pell Grants and cancer research so the wealthiest Americans can get a tax handout is cruel and irresponsible.” said business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl. “Instead of party line budget votes that weaken popular programs and shovel money at the wealthy, Glenn Grothman should be focused on solving the problems faced by Wisconsin families and seeking common ground.”

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