Dan Kohl calls on Grothman to disavow #CorkerKickback, vote against any plan containing it
Grafton – Weekend news reports brought word that a highly controversial, last-minute provision was added to the text of the Republican tax effort conference report. This addition would directly benefit holders of real estate, including some prominent Republican leaders, such as Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Bob Corker. Corker, the pivotal vote, announced his switch from an opponent to a supporter shortly after the text of the final bill was released. On Sunday, John Cornyn went so far as to acknowledge that this provision was added as part of an effort to “cobble together” votes.
This bill has been widely criticized by independent observers for its enormous transfer of wealth from working families to big corporations and the very wealthiest Americans. The Republican Party promised voters that it would “Drain the swamp” and address the special interest dominance of our politics. This bill fails to do that and provides new tax avoidance avenues for wealthy special interests and top Republicans donors.
“This tax bill gets worse and worse. What began as tax bill that would cut taxes for big corporations and the very wealthiest Americans has been made even worse through backdoor deals that will personally enrich Members of Congress,” said business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl. “If Glenn Grothman wants to make good on his commitment to Wisconsin working families and stand up to Washington special interests, he must immediately speak out against the Corker Kickback and pledge that he will not vote for any legislation that contains it.”
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