Calls on Glenn Grothman to support compromise in the House
October 17, 2017
Grafton – With the recent announcement that Senators Murray and Alexander have reached a bipartisan compromise that would stabilize the individual insurance markets. In response, business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl issued the following statement:
“This is most welcome news. The Murray-Alexander compromise is exactly what our elected leaders should be doing: working across the political aisle to solve the very real problems faced by hard-working Americans. This deal will stabilize markets by reducing uncertainty and protecting 6th district families from further premium spikes.”
“When Democrats and Republicans come together and focus on solving problems, they can deliver  results for the American people. Attention now turns to the House, where as recently as yesterday Paul Ryan made clear he does not want to restore the Cost Sharing Reduction payments at the core of this compromise. I am calling on Glenn Grothman to rise above partisan politics and demand his fellow House Republicans pass this important bipartisan legislation that provides greater stability for our healthcare system. The health care of so many 6th District workers and families depends on it.”
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