GOP plan will give large tax cuts to the very wealthy and big corporations, hike taxes for middle class
Grafton – As details of the Republican tax plan spill out, Glenn Grothman’s support for “tax reform” represents nothing more than support for a massive giveaway to the wealthiest Americans and big corporations.
Addressing the “plan”,  business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl issued the following statement:
“This tax plan is a massive giveaway for big corporations and the very wealthiest paid for by tax hikes on middle-class Wisconsin families. It is clearly the result of a process that started with the goal of cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations and let the rest of the details fall where they may.
Proposals that cost middle-class taxpayers more, such as reducing deductions for state and local taxes or student loan interest, will be used to pay for additional giveaways for those at the top, like eliminating an estate tax that only impacts families with more than $5 million dollars. Glenn Grothman must oppose any plan that increases the middle-class tax burden and makes it harder for Wisconsin families’ to make ends meet.
I share in the bipartisan consensus to achieve tax reform that benefits middle-class incomes and increases economic opportunity. This plan does not do that.”
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