First charges from Special Counsel underscore gravity of probe
October 30, 2017
Grafton – This morning’s unsealing of three federal indictments alleging serious wrongdoing by former Trump/Pence campaign officials underlines the seriousness of the special counsel investigation headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Text of the indictments reveal alleged money laundering, conspiracy against the United States, and efforts to directly engage Russian government representatives during the course of last year’s Presidential campaign.
These developments come after conclusive determination from the United States intelligence community that the Russian government pursued efforts to undermine the American democratic process through targeted, divisive disinformation campaigns, selective hacking of political opponents, and perhaps efforts to interfere with voter registration and vote tally databases. Multiple news reports have placed Wisconsin at the center of Russian interference efforts.
In light of these developments, business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl issued the following statement:
“These indictments make clear that the Mueller investigation is serious and will likely have far-reaching impacts.” said Dan Kohl. “To protect the integrity of our elections, restore public confidence, and ensure the United States prevents future Russian interference, Robert Mueller’s investigation must be allowed to follow the facts where they lead and continue unimpeded. The American people deserve nothing less.”
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