Executive Order risks higher costs and less access

Grafton – This morning’s Executive Orders on healthcare represents further efforts by the Trump Administration to destabilize the health insurance marketplace. In the name of expanding access for small businesses and increasing options for individuals, these actions are more likely to lead to increased chaos, fewer options, and higher costs for individuals and families.

“Partisan, backdoor attacks on our health insurance system are not how we fix what’s wrong. The administration’s actions threaten to make healthcare less affordable for those who need it most. “ said business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl. “Elected leaders like Glenn Grothman should be seeking common sense solutions in a bipartisan manner. They shouldn’t be playing petty politics that jeopardizes the health of so many 6th District residents.”

This executive order comes on the heels of several other executive decisions meant to undermine important elements of the healthcare system. From shrinking the open enrollment period to reducing funding for advertising, these recent actions will further destabilize the health insurance market, making care more expensive and harder to get.

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