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Recent news reports have indicated that the Trump Administration is actively seeking opportunities to undermine crucial elements of the health care system. If pursued, these steps would lead to exorbitant increases in premiums, and make health care less accessible for working families across the 6th District. Voices across the political spectrum and many healthcare stakeholders have spoken out against this effort to undermine the system.

“I am calling on Glenn Grothman to speak out against any Administration effort that will increase costs and reduce access for working families. People send their elected leaders to Washington believing they will seek common sense solutions and make their lives better. Our leaders must speak out against efforts to destabilize the health care system in the pursuit of political points or petty payback,” said business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl.

“Glenn Grothman has been silent on these latest threats to affordability. Rubber stamping the agenda of his Washington friends has done nothing to address the real health care concerns of 6th District families. I am calling on Grothman to break his silence, do the right thing and work to make health care more accessible and more affordable.”

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