CONTACT: Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director
League of Women Voters of WI
(608) 256-0827

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin opposed the 28 percent reduction in staffing for the Wisconsin Elections Commission in the state budget. We based our position primarily on the need for voter education to help citizens comply with the many changes in voting laws. Our commitment to an adequately funded state elections agency has only grown stronger with the heightened concerns about cybersecurity following the 2016 elections.

Wisconsin needs a fully staffed Elections Commission to protect the integrity of our election systems against interference by foreign or domestic hackers. We fully support the recommendation by WEC Administrator Michael Haas to ask the Legislature for funding for additional staffing.

A fair and secure election system is a bedrock of democracy. The Elections Commission needs to be adequately funded so that citizens can understand how to register and vote, as well as have confidence that their votes will be

Thank you for your consideration.

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