March 22, 2017

American democracy is facing its biggest legitimacy crisis in a generation or more.  Due to cynical political forces and special interests, we now have a system in which money speaks louder than voters, voting is increasingly difficult, the votes that are cast may not matter because of the esoteric electoral college, and our constitutional safety valve – the Supreme Court – is being hijacked to prevent righting the system.  As a result, citizens are governed by representatives, and their dark money backers, who do not reflect or respect the values and priorities of the majority.  Our democratic legitimacy is in turn being sacrificed as the power of the people is systematically chipped away.

In response to this crisis, former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold is launching LegitAction, an organization committed to restoring our country’s democratic legitimacy.  LegitAction will focus on four central pillars of our democracy:

  • Protecting the Right to Vote
  • Reforming our campaign finance system
  • Empowering the national popular vote by abolishing the Electoral College
  • Protecting the independence and credibility of the Supreme Court.

LegitAction’s mission is to advocate for the restoration and protection of a legitimate U.S. government that is accountable to its citizens by promoting pro-democracy reforms and fighting back against the extreme forces and special interests undermining our country’s credibility and legitimacy.  It will empower individual citizens and grassroots organizations by educating and galvanizing grassroots supporters, providing them tools to demand change by connecting members to their representatives and other influencers.

LegitAction can be contacted at

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