Columbus, WI, November 27th, 2017 – TeamGuv, the slate of Libertarian candidates for Wisconsin, has selected their candidate for the 2018 Secretary of State race, and it is Richard Kalafut Jr., who is known by the professional name of Rich Reynolds.

A long-time resident of Columbus, Reynolds has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 19 years.  They have two children, Joseph, who is 17 and a senior at Columbus High School, and Gwendolyn, who is 9 and in the fourth grade at Saint Jerome School.

Reynolds is a district manager for a restaurant chain, as well as an on-air sports personality for WIFS-TV 57 in Madison.  Reynolds also does public address announcing for the Madison Capitols, Supreme Hits Boxing, and UW-Madison.  Reynolds was also the original and long-time public address announcer for the Madison Mallards.

“I am proud to say that I have never run for or been elected to public office,” said Reynolds. “My end game, as an everyday citizen, is to help end wasteful state spending by abolishing the unnecessary position that is the Wisconsin Secretary of State.”

While an undergrad at Illinois State University, Reynolds joined the Libertarian Party in 1992.  The party’s national positions of non-interventionism, school choice, and individual property rights always appealed to him, but the recent upturn in identity politics and harmful speech from politicians and pundits alike fueled his desire to take action.

“My campaign will be free from identity politics,” explained Reynolds.  “Our platform as a party  is to increase local control, grow Wisconsin from within, and eliminate the state income tax.”

Reynolds is available for interview, public speaking engagements, and debate.

TeamGuv 2018 is “New Leadership for Wisconsin!”


Rich Reynolds

Ph: 608.566.5369

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin stands on the principles of Life, Liberty, and Property. The LP advocates: phasing out personal property, income, and business taxes; term limits on elected officials; the right to bear arms; a reduced size of the federal government; the abolition of victimless crimes; School Choice; and the end to government interference in the marketplace.  Libertarians believe in defending each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest and they welcome the diversity that freedom brings.


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