Rhinelander, WI – On April 4, 2017 voters in Rhinelander, Oneida county, elected Benjamin Roskoskey in the city’s non-partisan race for school board. Roskoskey, a Libertarian member, came in 3rd by 153 votes and was 121 votes out of first. Votes in this local race were achieved with lots of “boots on the ground” work and outreach to community members. Roskoskey said of the win, “I look forward to working hard to improve the district in all aspects, find innovative ways to raise funds while keeping costs in control, and protect the personal liberties of students and teachers alike.”
“All politics begin locally. It has been our goal to encourage libertarians to run in local, non-partisan elections. I congratulate Benjamin, and encourage others to participate locally in the battle for freer communities!” Phillip Anderson, Vice Chair Libertarian Party of Wisconsin
“Benjamin did exactly what we want from all our candidates: got out there and knocked on doors, reached out to voters, and earned those votes. We’re very pleased to have another elected Libertarian in office in Wisconsin.” Andy Craig, Secretary Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.
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