Contact: Brad Wojciechowski

Green Bay, Wisconsin — The following is a statement from Beau Liegeois, candidate for U.S. Congress, WI-08 regarding Paul Ryan and Mike Gallagher’s vote to raise taxes on Northeast Wisconsin middle class families, while cutting taxes for the mega rich, and permanently cutting taxes for Wall Street corporations.

“The Great American Corporate Giveaway of 2018 has begun. Republican’s like Mike Gallagher have drawn a line in the sand that corporate giveaways are more important than the people of Northeast Wisconsin, and the values we hold dear to us. Despite all of his rhetoric, Rubber Stamp Mike has just voted lock-step with Paul Ryan to increase our Nation’s deficit that will pass our fiscal burdens onto our next generation while kicking 13 million people off healthcare, and at the same time increases the premiums for our most vulnerable citizens.”

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