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The following is a statement from Beau Liegeois, candidate for Congress – WI08

Green Bay — “As a lifelong resident of Green Bay, and a husband and father, I understand the need for tax reform in this country. We need tax reform that puts more money in the pockets of hard working middle class families and small businesses. The middle-class is the engine that drives the economy.

Mike Gallagher and Paul Ryan just passed a tax scam that would leave the working-class families in Northeast Wisconsin footing the bill, while slashing taxes for big corporations, and the mega rich.

I’ve always felt uneasy about having the wealthiest Americans writing the tax laws of our country. It’s like our Treasury writing a blank check directly into their bank accounts. It’s something that you’d expect in Russia — not in America.

We need to hold Mike Gallagher accountable for his actions, and ask him why he continues to vote against Northeast Wisconsin values, and for Washington special interests.”

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