Contact: Brad Wojciechowski,

Green Bay — Yesterday, Mike Gallagher once again voted lock-step with Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican Leadership to pass the Budget Resolution guiding the way to pass a disastrous tax plan that will hike the taxes on the middle class and the most vulnerable, in order to slash taxes for the wealthiest.

The following is a statement from Beau Liegeois, candidate for Congress:

“Congressman Gallagher once again chose Washington politics over Northeast Wisconsin values. The values set forth in this Budget Resolution will do nothing to help the working middle class families of Northeast Wisconsin, and is once again, nothing more than Washington math not adding up. The last time Washington passed a massive tax giveaway to millionaires and billionaires, it ended with a complete meltdown of our economic system — and it was the middle class who suffered. As a father, I am worried that this Budget Resolution has learned nothing from past financial disasters, and will give away our children’s future once again.

Furthermore, cutting Medicare and Medicaid will be disastrous for our parents and grandparents, like my father who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. These are programs that have been helping the most vulnerable citizens in our community for decades.

Cutting cancer research affects children, parents, grandparents, and family members from Shawano to Ellison Bay.

Cutting Pell Grants will only make it harder for students to achieve their goals and dreams. Our students today deserve the opportunity for a world class education. Mike Gallagher and Paul Ryan chose to prioritize Washington special interests and Wall Street over our students.

A fundamental duty of an elected representative is to stand before your constituents and listen to their voices. This has been a universal truth in America since the time of our Founding Fathers. I believe the failure of this Congress to hold town halls in their districts is how this Congress became so out of touch with our values so quickly.

As your Congressman, I will always be available to listen to your concerns. I have lived my entire life in this community, and now I am raising a family of my own in this community. When you send me to Washington, I will bring our Northeast Wisconsin values with me, and I will always fight for the hard working, middle class families who make our communities great. I support relieving the tax burden on the middle class, but I will not support massive tax giveaways to millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street. Middle class families are truly the engine that drives the economy.”

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