Brad Wojciechowski

Green Bay — Following Congressman Mike Gallagher’s statements opposing the continuation of ACA subsidies unless they are directly tied to a long-term plan to reduce health care costs; Beau Liegeois provided the following statement:

“This is exactly where Washington’s values and those of Northeast Wisconsin diverge. Paul Ryan and Mike Gallagher want to sabotage our health care system, and hold your personal health care hostage while they work on their mythical long-term reduction of costs. They have had 7 years to come up with solutions, but all they gave us were slogans. They have been in complete control of Washington for over 9 months and still no answers.

We can all agree that the cost of health care in this country needs to be reduced. My wife and I know this first-hand after experiencing the birth of our first child last year. I want to bring our Northeast Wisconsin values to Washington, to increase access to health care while working on long-term cost reduction. Sabotaging our health care system is not a solution and helps no one.”


Contact Info:

Beau for Congress
PO Box 1228
Green Bay, WI 54305
United States

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