Contact: Chris Rochester
[Madison, Wisc…] State Representative Dale Kooyenga and Assembly leaders rolled out a new plan today to better fund Wisconsin’s transportation system and dramatically reform the state’s income tax code. The proposal “puts Wisconsin on a long-term trajectory to improve our infrastructure while significantly lowering our tax burden.”
In reaction to the proposal, MacIver Institute President Brett Healy issued the following statement:
“Rep. Kooyenga deserves credit for his long-term thinking and bold ideas. It’s refreshing to see, instead of snarky texts or tweets, Rep. Kooyenga stepping up with an honest and genuine effort to move Wisconsin forward.”
“While we are still looking over all the details of his plan, I want to applaud Rep. Kooyenga for including some long-needed reforms in his proposal like the repeal of the prevailing wage and the lowering of the state’s archaic minimum markup law.”
“Taxpayers should know that the special interests will be working overtime to beat Rep. Kooyenga and his colleagues back on these common sense, fiscally responsible changes.”
“Now is not the time for the politicians to worry about the special interests or their next election. Now is the time to think big and bold. Now is the time for legislators to think about the future and what is best for all taxpayers and the state as a whole,” Healy concluded.
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