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September 25, La Crosse, WI – Wisconsin governor candidate Mike McCabe announced today at a rally in La Crosse that if elected he will insist on an annual salary that is one dollar less than the average Wisconsin worker makes in a year.

The current salary of the governor is $147,328 a year. According to the most recent figures available from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage in Wisconsin is in the neighborhood of $45,000 annually, or less than a third of the governor’s salary.

McCabe previously announced he will not live in the Governor’s Mansion if elected.
“Governors should be servants, not masters. That’s why I won’t live in the mansion once elected and won’t accept the full salary of the governor. I’ll be paid one dollar less than the average Wisconsin worker makes,” he said.

If state law or administrative procedures prevent the salary of the governor from being adjusted to reflect his commitment, McCabe will either return the excess amount of salary to the state treasury or donate it to charity.

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