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MADISON, WI – Amery-area conservationist, retired veterinarian and former Natural Resources Board Chairman, Dave Clausen is being recognized for his commitment and volunteerism for Wisconsin-based nonprofit law center, Midwest Environmental Advocates.

Dave Clausen joined the law center’s board in 2015 and has become a nonstop recruiter of support for the organization. Though retired from the Natural Resources Board, Dave continues working to connect people around Wisconsin who are concerned about the enforcement of clean water, air and land protection laws.

“Dave is one of Wisconsin’s unsung conservation heroes,” said Midwest Environmental Advocates Executive Director Kim Wright. “Dave has significantly increased our capacity for scientific review of natural resource policies. His expertise on the health of our wildlife, our public waters and institutional policy is more important than ever to the people of Wisconsin.

“As more leaders like Dave advocate for the health of people and our environment, we may be able to steer our state government back to a more meaningful balance of the interests and demands of industry, the public and our beautiful, untamed places.”

Dave Clausen was given a Backyard Hero award by MEA and Community Shares of Wisconsin.

About Community Shares of Wisconsin: For over 45 years, Community Shares of Wisconsin’s members have advanced the causes of social justice and environmental protection in Wisconsin. As the oldest social justice fund in the country, CSW fuels the efforts of over 60 member nonprofits through fundraising, training, and collaboration. For more information, visit

Midwest Environmental Advocates is a public interest organization that uses the power of the law to support communities fighting for environmental accountability. Learn more about the Midwest Environmental Advocates on the web at, like MEA on Facebook or follow @MidwestAdvocate on Twitter.

Midwest Environmental Advocates is a member organization of Community Shares of Wisconsin.

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