(Milwaukee) If I sound a bit frustrated in this statement, it is because I am.

While visiting friends in Texas, I was informed of two shootings in my district. According to police, each of the shootings appears to be related to drug and gang activity.

So what else is new?

For the past two years we’ve seen homicides at near record levels, and now during 2017 we’re not doing any better. To be clear, this homicide trajectory in the wrong direction comes six months after the Common Council announced a comprehensive public safety plan.

Numerous shootings and homicides – and car thefts – yet our public safety plan has been gathering dust on the shelf. It is a common sense plan, but apparently it’s not politically correct. I’m told we are waiting for another safety plan from the Office of Violence Prevention that will be launched this summer.

Milwaukee used to have an “Office of Violence Prevention” — called the Milwaukee Police Department.

Milwaukee is great at holding workshops and fairs and seminars, but nothing seems to result from them. Until our city fathers have the guts and determination to make the tough decisions (and take the tough actions that are needed), I see no reason to have any optimism that things will change for the better.

The criminals love political correctness – to them it signals open season, and “time to get busy.”

When will we recognize the difference between activity and results?

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