This morning – during a Public Works Committee hearing on city policies regarding the carrying and display of firearms by city-hired contractors or subcontractors – Alderman Bauman decided to go “all in” with an interrogation of one of our assistant city attorneys.

The assistant city attorney, who was present to explain the opinion of the City Attorney on the matter at hand, was grilled by Alderman Bauman about her personal views and beliefs on the issue of workers carrying firearms at city worksites. He literally demanded that she provide her personal beliefs on the issue, and did so in a very public setting – a public meeting televised live on the City Channel.

This is completely unacceptable and I believe Alderman Bauman owes the assistant city attorney a full public apology for the brow-beating she endured. She clearly explained her role and defended her right to keep her personal beliefs and views out of this important public meeting.

It’s always been my experience that when you allow a bully to practice his craft undeterred, he will keep right on bullying with impunity. I am calling out Alderman Bauman here and I hope my colleagues do the same.

Sadly, it looks like there is now a litmus test that if you don’t agree with Alderman Bauman your job at City Hall may be in jeopardy. In my view, that’s the impression he’s giving.

Finally, I have faith that all of us are big enough to admit when we are wrong. I sincerely hope Alderman Bauman can rise to the occasion.

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