The question ‘Do Black Lives Matter?’ is one that all freedom loving Americans must ponder.

The circumstances surrounding the events in the cases of Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and Milwaukee’s Sylville Smith are ones that will one day be mentioned in America’s history books. Will we leave future generations and a segment of Americans to believe they are not worthy of liberties that come with American citizenship?

The time for change is now! As the concept of democracy continues to deteriorate before our eyes, many Americans wake up every morning asking ‘When?’ When will certain civil liberties be extended to all?

The verdict in the trial of former Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown is the preamble to collective unification and the need for city-wide healing on both sides of the law.

The events that transpired on August 13, 2016, were a reflection of anger and frustration. There is no amount of wishing that can take away what happened in the aftermath in Sherman Park however there is power in seeing the city rebuild and unify following those events.

The city must continue with the momentum that we created. We’ve lost, we’ve grieved and now we must rebuild. Rebuild hope, rebuild infrastructure, rebuild peace and bring healing and unity to our great city.

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