Brian Rothgery

MILWAUKEE – Outside auditors provided Milwaukee County with a report of their ongoing analysis of pension payments on Wednesday, which detailed more errors associated with calculating pension benefits for Milwaukee County retirees.

County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., released the following statement:

“The latest audit reveals an eye-popping level of mistakes and provides the public with a more complete picture of the Abele administration’s failure to effectively manage the day to day operations of Retirement Plan Services for more than six years.

“Even if the County starts putting new hires into the State of Wisconsin retirement system – something the County Board proposed – the Abele administration remains responsible for producing corrected pension calculations for thousands of retirees and current employees.

“Yes, pension administration is complicated, but here we’re basically talking about doing math correctly. The public, retirees, and county employees are owed better than this persistent mess. The Abele administration needs to correct these errors immediately and present a real plan to restore full integrity to the system.”

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