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MILWAUKEE – In response to legislative Republican’s proposed plan to repeal Milwaukee County’s vehicle registration fee (VRF), also known as a wheel tax, Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Chairman of the Transportation, Public Works, and Transit Committee, released the following statement.

“Milwaukee County is focused on meeting the needs of our residents and getting people to work. The proposal by legislative Republicans to eliminate critical transportation funding will make it harder for people to get to work and contribute to the economic growth of our county and the region.

“I was not in favor of the wheel tax for Milwaukee County, but it was adopted by the board and it has helped us meet the transportation needs of the county and get people to work. The legislature needs to give us the tools we need to maintain our transportation system and roads.”
“In Milwaukee County we balanced our budget for 2017. The proposal by legislative Republicans would put Milwaukee in a $21 million hole before we even start dealing with the structural deficit for 2018, estimated at more than $50 million. That’s a crisis waiting to happen and legislative Republicans from across Wisconsin will share the blame for Milwaukee’s economic problems from this point forward.

“Republicans in Madison need to explain why they continually single out Milwaukee County with this kind of hostile action when we are the economic engine of the state. By undermining the economic health of Milwaukee County, legislative Republicans are hurting the rest of Wisconsin.

“As goes Milwaukee County, so goes the rest of the great State of Wisconsin.”

Brian Rothgery

Public Information Manager

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

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Milwaukee County Courthouse

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