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MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted an amendment to the 2018 budget that calls for a workgroup that would explore the creation of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) treatment pods at the Milwaukee House of Correction (HOC).

“It’s time that we looked at providing AODA services differently than what we’ve been doing, which is not working. We need to use all our available resources and try something new,” said Supervisor Peggy A. West, who authored the amendment.

West’s amendment calls for establishing a workgroup that includes a representative from the HOC, the Office of the Comptroller, a medical doctor, a psychologist, and representatives from Justice Point and the Benedict Center, and requests a representative from Combined Court Operations and the Office of the Sheriff.

The amendment specifies that the AODA treatment pods will be treatment focused and include services such as individualized counseling, group counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, healthy living classes, education, resources, stress reduction therapies and classes, and Vivatrol injections upon the release of an individual.

The amendment calls for a written report on the AODA treatment pods initiative by June 2018, which should include cost estimates for operating a pilot program.


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