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Supervisor creates MKE HEROIN DIARIES with other concerned community members to combat opioids

MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Peggy A. West, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor of the 12th District, has collaborated with private businesses and the faith community to create MKE HEROIN DIARIES.

In collaboration with Rafael Mercado, Top Quality Services, LTD. and Pastor Marty Calderone of God’s Touch Milwaukee, Supervisor West has created MKE HEROIN DIARIES.  She hopes for this to be a voice for family members, friends, neighbors, and community members feeling helpless in the midst of the heroin and general opioid epidemic in Milwaukee County and throughout the state.

“It’s very hard to find someone, anyone who is not affected by the heroin epidemic, who has not lost a loved one or a friend or knows someone who has,” Supervisor West states. “In the beginning of this epidemic, people hid behind the shame of their addiction or the addiction/drug use of their loved ones; but we are now realizing that the only way we will see progress in this epidemic is by working together.”

Supervisor West herself suffered a loss to the epidemic when, in December 2013, her 28 year old nephew died of an overdose.

MKE HEROIN DIARIES will march on Saturday, March 4, 2017 beginning at 1 p.m. from Walgreen’s on 24th & Forest Home to the Lincoln Play Yard on 3rd & Lincoln Avenue across from the 2nd District Police Station. The route was chosen upon speaking with local community networks who highlighted several key points: how Walgreens is doing its part in the war on prescription drug abuse; how 4 out of 5 heroin users began their addiction while using prescription pills; and how the culmination of the march at the police station represented a symbolic plea for community members to engage with the police in this war on opioids.


When: Saturday, March 4, 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Where: Walgreen’s, 2410 W. Forest Home Ave. to Lincoln Play Yard, 300 W. Lincoln Ave.

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