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 Supervisor Nicholson Urges Legislature to Follow Milwaukee County’s Lead

 MILWAUKEE – A resolution calling for the Wisconsin State Legislature to create a nonpartisan process for Congressional and Legislative redistricting advanced Friday, and is scheduled to come before the full board on June 22.

 The resolution acknowledges that Wisconsin’s legislative and congressional redistricting plans are historically subject to partisan influence rather than serving the best interests of Wisconsin residents.

 17 other Wisconsin Counties have already adopted similar measures.

 Supervisor Marcelia Nicholson, Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee that approved the measure on Friday, released the following statement.

 “Wisconsin’s current redistricting process undermines our democracy and puts partisan interests ahead of the public interests.

 “We know that Wisconsin’s redistricting process is unfair because the number of seats controlled by the majority party issignificantly greater than their share of the statewide vote.

 “A fair process for drawing legislative and congressional district maps should be non-partisan and developed by and independent body, in order to equitably serve the interests of all Wisconsin residents.

“We have seen the results of a process that allows the self-interest of legislators to determine the outcome of drawing new district boundaries, and it’s not healthy for our democracy or our communities.

“The Wisconsin State Legislature could restore the integrity of the redistricting process by following Milwaukee County’s lead and establishing a non-partisan process that includes an independent redistricting committee and allows for public input.”


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