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JANESVILLE, WI – Cathy Myers released a video calling on Paul Ryan to take action on gun violence. After the tragedy in Las Vegas, the country watched as Congress did nothing, and Cathy could not stay silent.

In 2016, Paul Ryan received $171,977 in contributions from the gun lobby, more than any other Member of the House.

Cathy Myers is a single mother of two, a 23-year veteran high school English teacher, and a candidate for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Her career started at the age of 10 when she started working at her family-owned truck stop. As the daughter of an Army veteran and Army Reserve nurse, Myers had a dedication to her community instilled in her at an early age, which lead to her service on the Janesville School Board since 2013.

Find out more about Cathy’s campaign for Congress at her website,; Facebook,; or Twitter, @CathyMyersWI.

Full Video Transcript:

“Hi, my name is Cathy Myers and I’m running for Congress against Paul Ryan. I grieve with the families in Nevada who are hurting and who have lost so much. No one should have to endure that kind of pain. Americans are using assault weapons to slaughter other Americans. They have slaughtered innocent men and women – they’ve targeted children. And every time it happens there’s the same outrage in the news. Republicans send their thoughts and prayers – and our Congress does nothing. We are at a moment where thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

“Republicans say that now is not the time to talk about how we can stop these horrors. That it’s not appropriate right now to question why a man needs easy access to a weapon that can kill dozens of people in under a minute. They say it’s too political to suggest that we should do whatever we can to stop this from happening.”

“Well Paul Ryan, when is the god damn time? You’ve been in office for almost 20 years, so why haven’t you found the time? You found time to collect over $170,000 from the gun lobby in 2016 and to schedule a vote to loosen restrictions on gun silencers. Why could you not find time to allow a vote to require universal background checks for all purchases, or to ban assault weapons, or to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers?”

“There are many reasons that we need to replace Paul Ryan. But I cannot think of one more important than to ensure that our member of Congress is someone who will actually take action to stop the senseless violence that has continued to tear apart our nation day after day after day.”

“Paul Ryan has failed Wisconsin in a lot of different ways, but it has never been clearer just how deadly the consequences of his lack of leadership have been. Inaction is a political decision too, and it’s one we can no longer afford.”

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