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Today, Democratic Congressional Candidate Cathy Myers, who is seeking to represent Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, criticized her opponents, Paul Ryan and Randy Bryce, for ignoring local issues and refusing to attend public forums.

“The real concerns of our neighbors deserve real discussion, so I am calling on Speaker Ryan and Randy Bryce to take a break from the national press circuit and come back home to discuss local issues,” Myers said.

Paul Ryan has not hosted a town hall meeting in his district for nearly two years, but is participating in an invite-only town hall hosted by Jake Tapper on Monday, August 21st.

“Speaker Ryan is afraid of being held accountable for his policies, and I would be too if I tried to rip health insurance away from 48,900 of my neighbors,” Myers continued.

Since announcing his campaign on June 19th, Randy Bryce has traveled from coast-to-coast for events in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Despite multiple requests, Bryce has refused to participate in a debate or public forum with his primary opponent.

“It is in our best interest as candidates and in the best interest of Democrats in the district to have a robust primary debate so we are prepared to challenge the most powerful career politician in Washington. We already have a Representative concerned with fundraising from monied elites coast to coast — what folks need is someone who actually listens and who actually shows up right here in the First District,” Myers concluded.

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