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NAIOP Wisconsin CEO Jim Villa issued the following on the introduction of the Property Rights Bills by Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Adam Jarchow.

“Thank you Senator Tiffany and Representative Jarchow for introducing commonsense legislation to instill certainty to the regulatory processes associated with developing, owning, and investing in real estate in Wisconsin.  This is as strong of a job creation and economic development proposal as any this session.”

“For too long the approval process to reasonably use and develop private property has been subjective, arbitrary, and unfair.  This legislation provides certainty which will drive investment and growth in the commercial real estate market.”

“Commercial real estate development is a powerful economic engine; contributing $4.0 Billion to the state’s economy and creating/supporting over 31,000 jobs in 2016.  This legislation sends a strong, positive message to the developers, owners, and investors looking at investing in Wisconsin.”

The Tiffany/Jarchow proposal will:

  • Protect property owners of substandard lots by grandfathering the lots that do not meet current lot size requirements from local laws prohibiting their development to existing building code requirements.
  • Create the statutory framework for conditional use permits and establish a more fair and reasonable approval process.
  • Clarify that an application for a development permit is grandfathered from any changes to local ordinances at the time the application is submitted, even in cases where there are multiple permit requirements for the development.

Learn more about Senator Tiffany and Representative Jarchow, and follow their proposal as it is considered by the Legislature at their Legislative homepages:

Senator Tiffany –

Representative Jarchow –

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