Washington, D.C. – The NRSC released a radio ad in Wisconsin today, calling attention to Tammy Baldwin’s attempt to cover up the scandal at Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital. The ad will run this week in the Wausau & La Crosse markets.

“Tammy Baldwin tried to cover up the serious problems at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital to protect her own political future,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Her stunning level of incompetence put Wisconsin veterans in danger and she should be held responsible.”

Click HERE to listen to the ad.


They called it Candyland – the Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital that was overprescribing opioids to veterans.

Good people got hurt – even died because of its actions. Washington politicians like Tammy Baldwin and her staff knew this was happening and swept the problem under the rug.

The Inspector General report uncovered the scandal – Tammy Baldwin buried the report. 

Whistleblowers tried to tell Tammy the truth. But Tammy Baldwin’s office told them not to talk to the press.

Tammy Baldwin looked out for her own political health – instead of the health of our veterans.

Tell Tammy Baldwin the health of our veterans matters to you. Call Senator Baldwin at (608) 264-5338.


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