Contact: Nathan Conrad

Madison, Wisconsin – The Natural Resource Development Association, a newly launched Wisconsin-based environmental and economic development group, today announced its support of legislation that will help create a new generation of mining jobs, as part of its broader work on encouraging clean and safe economic development of our state’s natural resources.

The Mining for America Act, authored by State Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) and State Rep. Rob Hutton (R-Brookfield), would lift the moratorium on mining in Wisconsin, create certainty in the regulatory process, put the regulatory permitting process more in line with other industries, and maintain strong environmental protections.

“The proposal by Sen. Tiffany and Rep. Hutton would allow Wisconsin to create a new generation of mining jobs by developing its resources in a safe and clean way,” said Nathan Conrad, executive director of the Natural Resource Development Association. “That is exactly the kind of natural resource development that will work responsibly in Wisconsin and show policymakers – as hard-working families in communities across Wisconsin already know – that we can have both a growing economy and clean environment in our state.”

A letter from the Natural Resource Development Association to state legislators is available here. You can read more on the legislation’s economic impact here, and find information setting the record straight on mining in Wisconsin here. Key provisions of the legislation would accomplish four goals:

  • Lift the mining moratorium that has effectively halted new nonferrous metallic mining in Wisconsin.
  • Place mining under a permit process similar to other environmental permits and establish timelines so that mining applicants aren’t left in limbo indefinitely.
  • Make minor modifications for demonstrating compliance with certain standards.
  • Clarify fee schedules for mining applicants.


About Natural Resource Development Association: The Natural Resource Development Association supports policies that lead to proper, necessary, and conscientious resource development and conservation. By engaging community leaders, laborers, manufacturers, and job creators in the legislative and decision-making process, the association will help create open atmosphere for resources development that is both environmentally sound and economically beneficial for Wisconsin. For more information, please visit

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