Contact: Tim Meads, Communications Manager
National Right to Work

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled against Operating Engineers union lawyers in their case (IUOE v. Schimel) to overturn Wisconsin’s popular Right to Work law. National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of five pro-Right to Work Wisconsin workers.

In response to the ruling, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Vice President Patrick Semmens issued the following statement:

“Once again a Court has rejected this outrageous union boss legal attack on state Right to Work laws, reaffirming that states can protect workers from being forced to subsidize a union they do not support and never asked for. Implicit in union lawyers’ ‘Takings Clause’ claim is the assumption that part of a worker’s paycheck is actually the property of union officials, which is an insult to  hard working men and women in the Badger State and everywhere.

We look forward to continuing to provide free legal aid to Wisconsin workers seeking to exercise their freedom of choice as protected by Wisconsin’s Right to Work law.”

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