Noel Fritsch

Delavan, WI – Republican businessman Paul Nehlen released the following statement today:

“As a candidate for political office in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, I stand with President Trump in opposing our nation’s history and culture being ripped apart with the removal and desecration of historic statues and monuments.”

“One does not have to be a defender of the Confederacy to recognize that attempting to erase our nation’s history is wrong and shameful.”

“The anti-American, unhinged alt-left, including the violent group “Antifa,” is hellbent on tarnishing all of our nation’s founders and great leaders, from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson to Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt, as ‘racist.'”

“Radical left-wing leader Al Sharpton just called for the defunding of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., and Nancy Pelosi has called on Paul Ryan to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol, and under cover of night the city of Baltimore has removed four of its statues.”

“We cannot allow this to happen. I will fight to preserve all of our nation’s historic monuments and statues. The erasure of U.S. history by violent leftists bent on putting down all dissenting opinion will not stand.”

Paul Nehlen is a turnaround specialist, business executive, and inventor who started on the factory floor, who, with God’s grace and some determination, rose to lead Fortune 500 manufacturing businesses around the world. Nehlen challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 2016 First Congressional District to stop Trans-Pacific Partnership and secure America’s border. He is waging the battle for Wisconsin’s workers, against the refugee resettlement racket, and lends his voice to the battle for America’s values. He lives in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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