Contact: Noel Fritsch

Delavan, WI — Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen is calling on Speaker Ryan to stand and defend President Donald Trump against the dubious Russia hoax investigation.

“With Mueller’s targeting of a twenty-something unpaid intern on comments made months before Manafort even joined the Trump campaign — Paul Ryan should declare the entire Russia investigation to be a farce,” Nehlen began.

“Speaker Ryan has created an atmosphere where the Democrats can go after our president and his administration with impunity,” Nehlen said. “Speaker Ryan should stand and defend the leader of the Republican Party. Where is Paul Ryan’s defense of Donald Trump’s character, integrity, and patriotism?” he asked.

“Republicans are rightly worried about amnesty for illegal aliens, but the real amnesty is the amnesty that Paul Ryan gives the Democrats to undermine the Trump agenda,” Nehlen said.

“The Democrat Party is the weakest it’s been in 80 years, and instead of putting a boot on the necks of the violent, unhinged left, Paul Ryan is allowing them to create this environment totally bent on undermining Donald Trump’s agenda.”

“The Democrats are afraid of the America First agenda, and Paul Ryan is giving them a free-fire zone to thwart the implementation of Republican policies in Congress,” Nehlen asserted.

“Democrats aren’t going after Trump for dealing with the Russians — they clearly have no problem making millions with Uranium One,” he continued. “The root cause of the Russia Hoax is that Trump wants to fix the trade deals that bar Wisconsin’s dairy farmers from selling milk to Canada.”

“The time when the GOP wanted to defund Planned Parenthood, defund refugee re-settlement, and defund sanctuary cities is long gone,” Nehlen said. “Now Congress and Paul Ryan’s top priority is stopping the Trump agenda.”

“Ryan should call on Mueller to cease his investigation of the Trump campaign at once,” Nehlen concluded.

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