Press Inquiries Contact: Paul Nehlen


 Delevan, WI — Recently Republican Paul Nehlen announced he is mulling a 2018 challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R – WI), citing wide discontent, and subsequent abject failure of the RyanCare legislation.

“There is no celebrating the failure of RyanCare,” Nehlen opened. “The American people lost due to Speaker Paul Ryan’s poor leadership,” he explained.

“Had Speaker Ryan pushed for a vote on pure repeal through the House, he would have shined light on every member who campaigned to repeal ObamaCare but really didn’t have the will to do it. Speaker Ryan could have done that in a fraction of the time it took to push his failed AHCA bill,” Nehlen asserts.

“Why didn’t Speaker Ryan do that? Nehlen rhetorically asked.

“Paul Ryan protects the swamp. He protected every ‘Campaign Conservative’ in the House by refusing to bring a full repeal bill up for a vote,” Nehlen continued.

“It’s no coincidence stalwart journalists like Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro are calling for Ryan to step aside,” Nehlen asserted.” Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs are strong proponents for putting American First, and they recognize that Paul Ryan represents the single biggest impediment to getting America back on track after eight years of Barack Obama.”

“President Trump expected Speaker Ryan to deliver a great Obamacare repeal bill and Ryan failed to do so. Speaker Ryan delivered a cadaver to President Trump, who valiantly attempted to breathe life into it,” explained Nehlen. “Instead of working with President Trump to win Republicans their first major policy success, Speaker Ryan set up President Trump to fail, and in so doing, Ryan lived up to his promise to “never defend President Trump, not now and not in the future.”

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