Noel Fritsch

Delavan, WI – Republican Paul Nehlen proclaimed victory over Paul Ryan today after Fox Business reported the imminent demise of Ryan’s pet tax, the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).

“Another of Paul Ryan’s supposedly genius policy schemes is crumbling around him,” Nehlen said. “Ryan is supposed to be helping Republicans in the House pass Trump’s America First agenda, but he keeps on swinging and missing.”

“The good news for Wisconsin is this: Paul Ryan’s loss is America’s gain,” Nehlen stated.

“Just like President Trump, I’m tired of Americans getting taken advantage of,” Nehlen said. “For Speaker Ryan to use the word ‘adjustment’ with respect to this tax hike is hogwash, because it’s code for America getting the shaft from virtually every country on the planet. When Paul Ryan says he’s ‘adjusting’ a tax, it means America loses, period.”

“Ryan’s BAT tax was a bad idea from the start,” Nehlen said. “Even worse than driving the prices of products we buy higher, Ryan’s BAT tax would have distorted the market to favor large exporting conglomerates over small and mid-sized manufacturers.”

“Speaker Ryan can’t blame this failed negotiation on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton like he attempted with TPP,” Nehlen cautioned. “Paul Ryan completely owns the failure of BAT. Even worse, this horrible BAT idea it is the main driver delaying Trump’s tax cut,” Nehlen surmised.

“Virtually the entire House Republican Conference hated Ryan’s BAT Tax.  The only Representatives who supported it were the ones who want to stop Trump’s progress.

“Even knowing that Paul Ryan would prefer to ship American jobs to the lowest bidder in Asia, Ryan’s BAT Tax legislation is so bad I have a hard time believing he actually wanted to pass it,” Nehlen guessed. “I have to assume Ryan’s BAT Tax strategy was designed to intentionally delay Donald Trump’s America First 15% corporate tax rate proposal,” said Nehlen.

Paul Nehlen is a turnaround specialist, business executive, and inventor who started on the factory floor, who, with God’s grace and some determination, rose to lead Fortune 500 manufacturing businesses around the world. Nehlen challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 2016 First Congressional District to stop Trans-Pacific Partnership and secure America’s border. He is waging the battle for Wisconsin’s workers, against the refugee resettlement racket, and lends his voice to the battle for America’s values. He lives in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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