(MADISON) September 21, 2017: In response to Governor Walker signing the 2017-19 state budget today, the following statement may be attributed to Bill G. Smith, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Wisconsin State Director.

The small business community is thrilled to see that some of our top priorities were included in this year’s budget by the legislature and signed today by the Governor. Expanding the elimination of the prevailing wage law to state-funded projects will save taxpayers over $310 million per year and promote fair competition between large and small contractors.

Additionally, doing away with the state portion of property taxes as well as the personal property tax will equate to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in savings for the small business community. Although this budget was one of the latest to be passed in decades, it was well worth the wait and our members are grateful to the Governor for his leadership and the support of the Legislature for many of the budget priorities of our state’s small business community.

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