Mike Browne, Deputy Director
wo-Year Tax and Spending Plan Introduced by Governor More About Trying to Get Himself Reelected Than Fixing Damage Done During His Time in Office

MADISON, Wis. — Scott Walker kicked off his 2018 bid for Governor today with a speech before the state legislature introducing a two-year budget proposal.

With his national political ambitions sagging, his state approval ratings underwater and a 2018 gubernatorial election looming Walker, in the lead up to the speech, has made several taxpayer funded plane trips to media markets around the state to promote various proposals included in the budget.

Top state Republican legislative leaders have already signaled opposition to some of Walker’s proposals and concern is widespread that the governor has again failed to offer long term solutions to a transportation fund deficit rung up by his administration that now stands at roughly $1 billion.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“Today Gov. Walker kicked off his 2018 campaign, unveiling just the kind of cynical budget proposal you would expect from a career politician with low approval ratings and desperate to try to win an election.

“Make no mistake, Gov. Walker’s $70 billion plus spending plan is packed with gimmicks, half measures and divisive attacks to stoke racism and resentment. All of it intended to give himself political cover for damage he’s done and boost his re-election prospects, rather than really fix problems of his own creation.

“Even members of Gov. Walker’s own party seem to be growing tired of this biennial charade, openly opposing proposals the governor announced in taxpayer funded fly-arounds to media markets across the state.

“Now, will Gov. Walker having revealed his intentions to seek re-election with this budget scheme eschew the hard work of governing and and hit the campaign trail? Based on his more than two decades long record, with him political advantage for himself wins out over good policy for the people of Wisconsin every time.”

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