Opinions haven’t changed of Scott Walker. The poll included more Republicans.

The sample is five points net more Republican than their last poll and five points more than their long term average. Have you seen anything in other polls or the political environment that suggests a shift of that size to the Republicans? In fact the national polling suggests the opposite if anything.

Walker’s numbers are the same between polls once you account for the partisan difference.

Walker is “more popular” only because the Marquette Poll interviewed more Republicans.

Consider the partisan breakdown being identical compared to previous polls:

  • Walker previously was 91-6 among Republicans. Now 89-7
  • Walker previously was 9-85 among Democrats. Now 10-86
  • Walker previously was 42-51 among independents. Now 42-53

No change among subgroups. The change is that there are more Republicans.

More Republicans means higher Walker numbers, lower Baldwin numbers, and that Trump and Ryan are even more unpopular than this poll suggests

If my pants are too tight and I buy bigger pants, my new-found comfort doesn’t mean my weight has changed, I just have bigger pants.

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