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APPLETON – A recent Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo revealed additional costs associated with the Foxconn project. According to the memo, $134 million could be taken from other highway projects in the state. The sum amounts to 10 percent of the total statewide highway rehabilitation program. In light of this revelation, Outagamie County Executive Thomas Nelson issued the following statement:

“If a state transportation project here in the Fox Valley comes in under budget, why not fund another Fox Valley transportation project that’s been on hold for two budget cycles? The residents and businesses that heavily rely on Hwy 15 between Appleton and New London are tired of waiting. This dangerous stretch of highway is in desperate need of action, which is one of the many reasons why all of the local officials along this route are very supportive of funding this project. Much of the right of way is purchased, the design is complete, all we need now is the funding for construction. On behalf of all of these officials and the business and residents who utilize this key transportation corridor, I’d ask the Governor to keep any I-441 savings local and fund Hwy 15 construction. All we want for Christmas is our fair share!”

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