Press Inquiries Contact: Paul Nehlen

Delavan, WI – Wisconsin Republican Paul Nehlen is renewing his dogged effort to hold Speaker Ryan accountable by spotlighting the Speaker’s dangerous, anti-competitive response to President Trump’s proposed scaled tariffs, the Border Adjustment Tax.

“Paul Ryan swung and missed with his bad trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Nehlen said, “And thankfully President Trump prevailed, despite the Speaker’s efforts to boost Hillary Clinton during the election, and was able to squash the pro-TPP globalists dead in their tracks.

Nehlen continued, “But the globalists aren’t going away, which they’ve shown with Speaker Ryan’s new Border Adjustment Tax, a tax that forsakes the economic interests of the American worker and tilts the playing field toward foreign governments and corporate interests. The BAT Tax is just TPP dressed up as protecting the United States,” he said.

“This BAT Tax favors large American corporations over small and mid-sized American businesses, and is just another way for large donor-class corporations to get a leg up on their smaller business competition, all thanks to enablers like Paul Ryan in the halls of Congress,” Nehlen said.

“Ryan’s BAT Tax punishes nations that import U.S. goods as if they were behaving like China or other nations that manipulate their currency to subsidize their industries, which are often state-run,” Nehlen said.

“So I have two questions for Paul Ryan,” Nehlen concluded, “Why would we put a blanket tax on global imports when we know damn well there are countries that prefer American products and demonstrate that every day with their checkbooks? And why would we treat a nation that imports U.S. goods the same as we treat China?”

Nehlen has written an op-ed introducing his opposition to Ryan’s BAT Tax  that fully lays out the problems and the solutions that help protect the American worker and U.S. economy.

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