Milwaukee, WI, April 17, 2017 – Peter Peckarsky, an attorney from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has announced his candidacy for the vacant At-Large Seat representing Wisconsin on the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Peckarsky is uniquely qualified for this position. His decades of experience with the election process in Wisconsin gives him insight into the needs of Democrats across the entire State of Wisconsin: urban areas, rural residents, LGBTQ, minorities, immigrants, union members, working class, students, Millennials, women, and all Democrats.

“I am grounded in Wisconsin. I was born here, I grew up here, and have called Wisconsin home for many years,” says Peckarsky. He went on to say, “I recognize and will effectively represent the needs of Democrats in every demographic group across the state of Wisconsin. In addition to my personal relationships throughout Wisconsin, I am travelling around the state to meet with as many Democrats as possible.”

“We were effectively ignored during the last election cycle by the DNC. That must end now. Wisconsin must be included in the plans of the DNC and our voices must be heard by every candidate. I am the best and the most qualified candidate to represent Wisconsin at the National Committee,” Peckarsky declared.

Peckarsky received his S.B. (scientiae baccalaureus) degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science from MIT and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Peckarsky ran for the Chair of the DNC in February of 2017. His campaign was successful in making sure Election Protection, from registration through vote counting, remains a priority for the Democratic Party. He continues to consult with Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the DNC, on voting and election issues.

Peckarsky has served as a poll observer in Milwaukee since 2002. At every general election, the critical primaries, the recalls, and some Supreme Court races, Peter has participated actively in efforts to protect the vote. In the 2008 Wisconsin primary Peter and others organized the election protection effort for Barack Obama.  In 2016, Peter directed the election protection effort for Bernie Sanders during the primary and worked for Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

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