Contact: Iris Riis

MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill that would end existing coverage from health insurance plans that currently include abortion care. Plans for state employees currently only cover therapeutic abortion care under the maternity coverage section. In response, Nicole Safar, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin issued the following statement:

“This bill will result in women who are facing complicated pregnancies losing their existing insurance coverage if they happen to be a state employee. If this policy becomes law, families in Wisconsin will have to pay the full cost of an unexpected medical emergency out of pocket. No one plans for their pregnancy to end because of serious health risk, which is exactly why insurance coverage for such care is so necessary.

“The very reason we buy insurance is to protect ourselves and our families from catastrophic health events becoming catastrophic financial events. Assembly Bill 128 takes away this protection, leaving a woman who is dealing with a significant health risk to herself or her wanted pregnancy with huge medical bills. Women in Wisconsin should not be subject to these continued attempts to roll back insurance coverage based solely on a few legislators’ political agenda. A woman and her doctor are the ones who should be making critical health care decisions – not politicians.”

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