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Washington, DC – Today, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he will no longer be calling for a vote on the bill to repeal the ACA. President Trump and House Republicans failed to pass the worst bill on women’s health in a generation.  
Statement from Tanya Atkinson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin:
“Speaker Paul Ryan tried to push through a bill that would have thrown millions of women off their health insurance, ended access to Planned Parenthood, and threatened maternity care and family planning. Simply put, the bill would have make it harder for women to prevent unintended pregnancy, harder to have a healthy pregnancy, and harder to raise a healthy child. And women and men across the country sent a clear message: No.
“Over the last few months, we witnessed a never-before-seen outpouring of organizing, activism, and support. People marched, showed up at town hall meetings, flooded the Congressional switchboard with calls, organized online, stood up for access to health care. If you’ve ever wondered whether speaking out made a difference, today is your answer.
“We know this is the beginning, not the end. But because patients like Gina, Lori and Christy shared their stories and our tens of thousands of supporters in Wisconsin made their voices heard, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is able to continue to serve the 60,000 patients who rely on us for essential health care each year.
“We know politicians won’t stop attacking women’s health and Planned Parenthood, despite the clear fact that 75% of Americans support Planned Parenthood. Each time they try, we will be back in full force. The voices of millions of women across this country are loud enough to drown them out.”
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