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Press Conference: Freshwater For Life Action Coalition (FLAC) Calls On Mayor To Take Action After Revelation That More Milwaukee Homes May Have Lead Laterals

Milwaukee – During the December 2016 meeting of the Milwaukee Water Quality Task Force meeting, Freshwater For Life Action Coalition (FLAC) president and spokesperson, Robert Miranda addressed members of the task force.

At that meeting Miranda pointed out to the task force that FLAC could not verify the city’s official statement that homes built after 1951 did not have lead laterals connecting to the city mains.

TODAY: FLAC will be holding a press conference at the City Hall Rotunda at 3:30pm. Join them!

“The research FLAC conducted could not confirm the city’s assurance to the residents of Milwaukee that lead water pipes were exclusive to homes built before 1951″, said FLAC Spokesperson Robert Miranda. The recent revelation by the Water Taskforce is very disturbing”, continued Miranda.

At the last meeting of the city’s Water Quality Task Force, on February 10th, it was revealed that it was not until 1962 that the City of Milwaukee mandated that only copper be used for water service lines.

“Our concerns were verified last week Friday by the city’s Water Quality Task Force. Now we’re addressing a concern that can impact another 12,000 to 15,000 homes in Milwaukee. Raising the total number of homes with lead water laterals from 70,000 to as high as 85,000. This means efforts to increase awareness and education about the hazard of these toxic lead laterals must be implemented by the city immediately”, Miranda said.

For months, the city has been alerting people living in homes built prior to 1951 that they likely contain lead water pipes, task force chair Alderman Jim Bohl says there is no guarantee that plumbers who installed drinking water lines on new homes between 1952 and 1962 used copper.

Milwaukee Water Works superintendent Carrie Lewis stated property owners would have to dig up the pipe and look at it to make certain if they have a lead lateral.

Miranda states that the public must become aware of this new concern. He goes on to say that Milwaukee Water Works must initiate communication with all Milwaukee water consumers to inform them of the new revelation and instruct property owners on how to identify if they have lead water laterals.

“FLAC has recommendations on how property owners can find if they have lead laterals we’ll be making public at the press conference”, said Miranda.

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