Several protesters gathered ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s speech in Janesville today.

The protesters stood outside the Blain’s Farm & Fleet distribution center as cars were waiting to enter the fenced-in parking lot, with protesters carrying signs saying “Resist” and supporting Obamacare and public schools.

Pence is joined by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and HHS Secretary Tom Price, who are hearing from businesses and farmers on President Trump’s economic agenda and health care policies.

Pence will speak shortly to a crowd of Blain Supply associates and invited guests, including Sen. Steve Nass and Rep. Tyler August.

On a call this morning with reporters, Rep. Debra Kolste, D-Janesville, touted the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and blasted Ryan, Pence and Price.

“[They] are here not speaking to the average citizen in Janesville,” she said, but to “a few donors” about a bill that “affects the middle class more than anyone.”

She also criticized the GOP for taking swipes at the ACA “without a viable alternative,” as well as misleading constituents into thinking Obamacare is “in a death spiral.”

“I think Republicans should concentrate on the health and well being of their constituents,” she said.

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