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Racine, Wisconsin — Today, Racine Alderman John Tate II declared his intention to run as a Democratic candidate in the special election for the 66th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

A career social worker and lifelong Racine resident, John has been a bridge builder on the Racine Common Council, working towards concrete solutions to make our community a better place to live and raise a family. He issued the following statement:

I understand the struggles our families face on a daily basis. As a social worker and an Alderman for the 3rd District, I see through the eyes of my clients and constituents. And as a lifelong Racine resident, I have seen first-hand the toll that shuttered factories and right-wing attacks have taken on our county. I will fight every day to bring family-supporting jobs to our neighbors and communities.

We are at a pivotal moment in Racine’s history. With the promise of thousands of new jobs in Racine County, we urgently need an Assemblymember who knows firsthand the struggle that our families face. And with unprecedented attacks on Racine’s communities of color, from the racist AB190 legislation, to the attempt to re-segregate our public schools, we need a champion in the statehouse who will fight these attacks passionately and effectively.

The State of Wisconsin is in desperate need of real leadership. Scott Walker and his gang have had the wrong priorities from day one, and our community needs to continue to have a voice in Madison that understands the struggles and concerns of the residents of Racine.

We deserve a progressive voice at the State Capitol who will fight for a living wage, affordable and accessible healthcare, and quality public education for our children. We need to strengthen civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, and workers’ rights. This is why I’m running for the Assembly in the 66th District.

I was raised in a union household in the heart of our community. My parents earn family-sustaining wages, which gave me the opportunity to be the first in my family to graduate from college, and then earn a master’s degree. My dad, a U.S. Army veteran, taught me the importance of giving back and making a positive difference through service. My mom, who works for the U.S. Postal Service, taught me to put others before myself.

Racine was recently identified as the 4th Worst City (in the Nation) for Black Americans. This needs to change. We need to fully fund and maintain our Unified School District, guarantee a living wage, and ensure that if someone is sick, they won’t spiral into debt.

With your support, we can champion these issues, shape opportunities, and make Racine the best it can be — for all.


The Democratic primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

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