Gretchen Herrmann | City of Racine | Office of the Mayor

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Mayor John Dickert announced this morning that he has been named as the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative’s
next President and Chief Administrative Officer.  He will, therefore, be stepping down as Mayor of the City of Racine in late summer of this year.  “After some thorough reflection and discussion with my family, I have decided it is time to step back from the city to stand up for water on a bigger stage. I am announcing this now, at the earliest possible time, to allow for an orderly transition for the city,” Dickert said.  “I will be here working on our Development projects, the Budget for next year, and on the day-to-day activities that fill my calendar until my last day.  We are not slowing down.”  Details regarding the election process to fill the vacancy will be determined by the Common Council.

Dickert will succeed David Ullrich, who will step down from his position as Executive Director after thirteen years.  The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is a coalition of 128 cities from the United States and Canada representing over 17 million people who work together for the long term protection and restoration of the resource. The mayors work closely with state, provincial, federal, tribal, first nation, and non-government representatives from across the basin to protect, restore, and sustain one of the largest freshwater resources in the world. “The work of the Cities Initiative is vital to the health and protection of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River,” says Dickert. “As you know, water is becoming the next battleground from the global perspective; therefore I look forward to expanding my work to protect the Great Lakes.”

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