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Madison – This week Governor Walker will speak at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit 2017 a conservative Super PAC. Governor Walker will be joining white nationalist speakers who traffic in racist hate including Sebastian Gorka, Ben Shapiro, Tomi Lahren, James O’Keefe, Charlie Kirk, and Jesse Watters among others to be named. In response Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“What is to be gained politically, intellectually, or morally from speaking at this event? Why speak at an event run by a Super PAC funded by a network of anonymous conservative donors that highlights racial provocateurs? None of the guest speakers or conference attendees are here to discuss policy or talk about conservative reforms. These are members of the alt-right who traffic in hate and discrimination and represent the very worst of the Republican Party. Governor Walker’s attendance gives these speakers clout and unearned legitimacy and he should know better.

“By speaking at this event, Governor Walker will signal that he not only condones the voices of the alt-right, but is willing to entertain their ideas as political strategy and governing principle. To put it simply, by elevating their extreme positions, he is helping to spread hate and intolerance. We should expect more out of the governor of Wisconsin.”

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